Heart Attack Mom?

Are there days where you suffer from heart attack? When your attitudes and actions turn to self, rather than God and others? *heavy sigh* I admit, it happens to me. A prayer I have prayed since I was a child, when compared to the condition of my heart on some days recently gave me clear understanding of right thinking vs. wrong thinking. Join me over at MomLife Today and learn more about my heart attack condition. … [Read more...]

Dizzy Kids A Real Danger

Are your kids a bit too dizzy? It happens you know. At least, it happens to my kids! When the world begins to revolve around them and their wants and needs being met. All that world spinning leads to dizzy, which leads to a real danger for your kids – and every person who will be a part of their lives, like...forever. I get it. I have done it. I know all the reasons. It’s easier to keep the peace if you just give them … [Read more...]

Faith Is More Than Believing

It isn’t easy being a follower of Christ. That seems like a negative statement, but it is far from untrue. My Grandmama consistently told me that the most important thing is to love like Jesus. Some people are hard to love. Sometimes, some people in my own family tree are hard to love. A-hem, sometimes I am hard to love. And guess what – so are you! It is our human condition to be self seeking – to see the world and those around us … [Read more...]