Sleep Deprived Mom

Ah, sleep deprivation I remember it well. It started when they were born and stopped...well actually it hasn't stopped. I have a dear friend who just had her first child about a month ago, she told me that what she missed most was sleep.  And that if she could just manage to get 8 hours of sleep one night a week she would be happy. It was all I could do not to laugh.  Because I am keenly aware that desire is going to remain a constant - … [Read more...]

Moms Of Boys Reality

The little boy I have cuddled with, zoomed cars with and built towers tall with is no longer a little boy, he is a young man who now towers over me. His sixteen year old boyish grin is outlined by a scruffy beard, his shoulders are broad, his voice deep – yet still filled with kind compassion as he reveals snip-its of his day with me. He has always been so willing to share his thoughts. Someday he will have a wife who will be blessed by his … [Read more...]

Faith Is More Than Believing

It isn’t easy being a follower of Christ. That seems like a negative statement, but it is far from untrue. My Grandmama consistently told me that the most important thing is to love like Jesus. Some people are hard to love. Sometimes, some people in my own family tree are hard to love. A-hem, sometimes I am hard to love. And guess what – so are you! It is our human condition to be self seeking – to see the world and those around us … [Read more...]