This Mom’s Strange Habits

Singing for no apparent reason. Making up new words to other people's songs.  Talking to myself...and answering myself. Checking to "be sure" the oven and stove are turned off. Stopping by my "in box" to see if anyone e-mailed me. (To avoid doing something that really needs to get done.) Dancing for no apparent reason. What's with that photo on the right? Being shocked and appalled every time I find that no one else will … [Read more...]

Teen Wisdom

Yesterday I was having one of those deep and meaningful conversations with my teen daughter ... OK we were having words because we were not seeing eye to eye on something ... OK we were having an argument. Going through teenlife is a whole new mind bending experience when you are sitting on the other side of it as a mom. I have heard it said that the older a child gets the harder it is to parent. Now that I have made it through the baby years, … [Read more...]

Hubby Noticed Shred Results!

I am writing this post because I was asked my husband. You see, he said something that I turned all around that left him standing, staring and asking, "What am I supposed to say to that?" The scene is as follows:  I'm in the laundry room, bending over throwing clothes into the dryer, he walks by, slaps me on the backside and declares, "Whoa that's a skinny little shredded bottom!" To which I say, "Oh great, what did it used to … [Read more...]