So all day today I had meetings...important stuff regarding MomLife Today, upcoming video interviews, various events, future plans - including an amazingly fantastical mom conference we are planning. But here's the thing, all I could really think about was the grocery list in my purse and how I needed to get to the store to buy snow day supplies before Snowmageddon hits tomorrow! It was entertaining how throughout the day the forecast was … [Read more...]

Snow Day Ramblings

So - I had these big plans to write an epic post today about my deep and wonderful thoughts provoked by an article I read yesterday. I woke up this morning to a "no school" announcement and wondered...."No school - what the heck?" It looked like a normal day outside.  Then around 8:30 the snow began to fall - big fat white puffy snow! The pretty kind! So the amazing post you could be reading remains joggling around in my brain and I am … [Read more...]