Substitute Teaching Success

  I have served as a substitute teacher for many years. Mainly because I like getting to know my children's peers and understanding their world. My enjoyment of substitute teaching ramped up once my kids became tweens/teens because pouring into the lives of kids that age can have long term ramifications. That happened today. A teen boy was being disobedient, not doing as instructed and he was choosing to be a royal pest to the … [Read more...]

Substitute Teaching High School Students – part 2

Yesterday I was sharing with you my perspective as a substitute teacher…my thoughts and insights continue here today… Students spend lots of money in vending machines…even if they have a lunch. There are still students who are overlooked and ignored…there are still students that reach out to them. Students think substitute teachers sitting at a desk don’t have ears to hear…and they are doing things that would shock their … [Read more...]

Substitute Teaching High School Students

Some people think I am crazy, but I really enjoy substitute teaching Middle School and High School students!  Especially since it gives me an up close look into the lives of my teens, their peers and their world. You think things were tough when we were teens…ramp it up X 1,000 – at least!  But it is interesting that in some ways the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Below are some insights into my days while teaching … [Read more...]