Bucket O’ Summer Fun

"Mom . . . I'm bored" is usually heard a couple of weeks into summer, and then we have to figure out what our kids might be able to do in order to be have some fun—whether it's a rainy day, a hot day, a cranky day, or we just want to keep our kids off of the electronics and up and moving or being creative! Take the time now, just before summer is in full swing, and fill a box with some fun activities that will keep your child engaged for a … [Read more...]

Phooey on Tight Schedules

If you are an anal retentitve list keeper that must get lots accomplished to feel happy and secure - you may want to close your eyes, or click away, or be prepared to start laughing. This is not your kinda post - but then again, maybe that's exactly why you should keep reading. You see, I am guest posting over at Family Matters Blog and as a recovering Busy Mom myself - I decided to share my "take" on summer time schedules. Or should a say … [Read more...]

Blueberry n Blackberry Bliss!

I just had to share the joy and happiness I am experiencing swimming in a sea of berries! Saturday morning and this morning I spent several hours at the berry patch - that is a mere five miles from my home! I know...how blessed am I? I truly think gathering berries is a Creator/created experience and I am in a state of constant thanksgiving as I harvest the little balls of sugary goodness He so graciously provides. I find myself thanking … [Read more...]

School’s Out For The Summer

I am always so excited this time of year because my kids will be home more during the summer and my days, and nights, will be a bit more carefree and casual. Yes, of course there is still lots that must get done...but daggum it I decided several years ago that when I was a kid I loved summer cause the pressure was off! So I made sort of a personal declaration that just because I was a grown up did not mean I couldn't have a summer “break” … [Read more...]


Over on MomLife Today we have a sublime listing of summer fun ideas for you to ramp up the woo hoo at your place over the summer! We are hoping our mom community will try some of the ideas out and better yet, share their fun ideas with the rest of us! We jest not on the ideas we suggest for fun-filled summer days!  Case in point...a water fight...which led to a mud bath at the little Eyster Ranch! If you are curious about just how that … [Read more...]