Biggest Fan- Ted Dekker

So...I just got back from the Ragged Edge writers conference with none other than THE Ted Dekker as well as Tosca Lee, Eric Wilson, Robert Liparulo and Steven James. The time with these writers was invaluable as it wasn't your typical writers was more like being at a dinner party with the aforementioned and the entire dinner party was all about encouraging me to do what God designed me to do. The thing is ... there were dozens … [Read more...]

I Am A Blue Monkey

At this weekend's Ragged Edge Conference Ted Dekker explained to some 100 conference attendees that those of us born to write are artists who see the world through a different lens. And that God created us that way.  He referred to us as Blue Monkey's in a Brown Monkey world. I so resonated with all the wisdom and advice he and the other award winning authors in attendance shared. And I recognized that at times I have compromised and tried to … [Read more...]

Ted Dekker…Here I Come

Busting with excitement here! Tomorrow I am heading to The Ragged Edge Writers' Symposium with Ted Dekker! Oh heck yes I am! This is supposed to be an intensive that will leave us dripping and oozing with ideas, techniques and writing oh-rah excitement x 1,000!!! I can hardly contain myself. My daughter has her final goodbye plans with her High School friends while I'm away so she's getting that out of her system so we can spend all … [Read more...]