Friendly Greeting Vlog

Hey Friends - Although it might not be a "best practice" as far as my SEO is concerned to post vlogs instead of writing blog posts, I don't give a rip! Forgive me for being a bit blunt...but I hope you all realize by now this website is not about best practices it is about me sharing my heart and speaking to yours, on what matters, in ways that help me, and you, manage our time so we can make the main thing...the main thing! (amazing run on … [Read more...]

Teen To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo

I have had a few parents ask me my opinion on whether or not their child should get a tattoo. Of course I suggest seeking God’s desire, but I too know the value in gathering intel from other God seeking people when decision making - as God uses that to communicate with us too! “Mom and Dad, I want a tattoo” drifted out of the soft spoken lips of our then eighteen year old daughter who was a Senior in High School. Our first reaction was not … [Read more...]

Teen Parenting Tips!

Hey Friends!!! Do you have tweens or teens? Maybe friends with those hormone filled, independence figuring out amazing, exciting young people? If you don't ... you will! Check out this quick set of tips that will help you navigate the stormy seas experienced in teendom and guide you towards  peaceful waters! Join me over at MomLife Today for 10 Timely Tips on Raising Teens!   … [Read more...]

Got Bullies? Got Answers!

My kids have dealt with their share of bullies, popular peeps, status jockeying that leads to drama, drama, drama. On each occasion I have been adamant that status is not important, but people and relationships are what matters. I let my kids know they need to be far more interested in who in the room is alone and their need to reach out than to be concerned with where they land in the pecking order. I admit it - I have zero tolerance for … [Read more...]

MOB’s, Listen Up!

That little boy of mine, the one that used to beat on the front the door with his tiny little palm and chant, “outside, outside, outside” – yeah that one, he is over six feet tall now. The little dimples that have always winked at me when he smiles, still do. Somehow because he is headed towards manhood, they are even more adorable now than they used to be.  Perched up there above the scraggly beard. One day last week, with his green eyes … [Read more...]

Mom Talk…Talk…Talk!

Guilty. Sometimes in my efforts to "reach and teach" my children - I doth drone on far too lengthy. {british accent included} So much so that recently I heard about it from my sweet son ...My teen son and I had just gone to see a movie together and on the drive home, he suddenly giggled, shook his head and uttered, “Mom, you talk too much.” Ouch. Actually, double ouch because I distinctly remember my teen daughter saying the same thing … [Read more...]

Broken Boy Hope

(Friends, I wrote this post over CHRISTmas, but because I had made the choice not to blog over the break it has been sitting in my computer...but I feel compelled to share it as I feel someone needs the assurance of the encouragement it provides. And I really want to know the answer to the question I pose at the end!) I am sitting in a hospital recovery room, eyes affixed on my sixteen year old son who is recovering from surgery. I sit here … [Read more...]

Messy Kid Doomed To Episode Of Hoarders

  When she became a tween and through her teen years my daughter’s room was the safest room in our home. The very room we should hide all of our valuables in, for if our home was ever broken into even the thief would be so overwhelmed upon entrance to her room he would have shuddered and made a fast retreat to a more organized part of the home. What the heck happened to my “clean up, clean up...everybody, everywhere...clean up, clean … [Read more...]

How Boys Grow into Men

  What I wanted to say was, “That’s too hard, cut him some slack.” What I did say was, nothing. But MAN was it hard to bite my tongue. That’s my little boy he’s talking to. (As in 6’1” and 220 pounds…”little” but he is my little boy.) Such were my thoughts at the beginning of the summer when my husband told my sixteen year old son what was expected of him this summer. Join me at MomLifeToday to read the rest of the story... … [Read more...]

Sleep Deprived Mom

Ah, sleep deprivation I remember it well. It started when they were born and stopped...well actually it hasn't stopped. I have a dear friend who just had her first child about a month ago, she told me that what she missed most was sleep.  And that if she could just manage to get 8 hours of sleep one night a week she would be happy. It was all I could do not to laugh.  Because I am keenly aware that desire is going to remain a constant - … [Read more...]