Summer Teen Zombie Apocalypse Invasion

Not really, but when you write a post about teens it just seems the words Zombie Apocalypse should be in the title! (If you have teens you know I’m right.) “Ahh, that’s the best ever, thank you Mrs. Eyster!” was repeated about 15 times this morning...and again a few hours later. I learned years ago the truth that my wonderful friend Gina recently shared, about the importance of allowing your home to be a fun hang out for your children and … [Read more...]

Teenage Boy Fest

Well, I did it again – I filled my home with about a dozen teen boys for the better part of a weekend! Some of my friends think I’m a bit nuts when I choose to invite droves of teenagers over. They don’t quite get why I would choose to fill my home with all the noise, the eating, the shoving, the laughter, the dirt, the smells, the in and out. They ask, “Isn’t it just too much trouble?” is a bit of pain, but the rewards outweigh … [Read more...]

Cliff Jumping Mom!

Don't you just love spending nice quiet fun weekends with your family?  Yeah, me too. Well...sometimes ya just gotta spend a wild and crazy fun weekend with your family! This past weekend I think I may have exceeded the definition of wild and crazy fun...have you ever been cliff jumping? It is quite fun - I wrote a post last year about my initial cliff jumping adventure and that left a few people thinking I had lost my mind! This year … [Read more...]

Do You Like Who Your Teens Like?

When our children are young we sort of pick their friends. You know it's true - we plan play dates with the kids we want our children to hang out with, we put them into activities with the kids we like. It is comforting to know that your children are being influenced by the children you approve of. Then as they become tweens and teens, who they hang out with becomes less and less under your control. They have a mind of their own and they get … [Read more...]

Fun Mom Ideas

A friend asked me for some ideas of fun activities over the summer and since all moms are on the look out for things to do I figured I'd just blog about it! I am guessing lots of you are probably recognizing that summer is here and your children are already saying, "I'm bored", what's a mom to do? As far as I'm concerned, summer time means no agenda. We drag our children from task to task during the school year, so for me summer is not so … [Read more...]