As I sat down to write I was struck by the fact that I didn't quite know where to begin. Suffice it to say I have had quite the twenty four hours. Yesterday I was on a one hour conference call with some amazingly gifted and Godly folks who believe, really believe in the book I have written and want to work with me to get it into the hands of moms. Wow. My daughter, who got home from college on Monday left again yesterday to head to … [Read more...]

Teen Watch

Raising teenagers really is a wonderful thing and the relational bond made through the years serves as an anchor in times of tumult. In so many ways we as parents are given the opportunity to help our teens understand and navigate the world around them. Now, more than ever, that navigation requires intentional steering and a hand always at the ready to toss out a life preserver of truth. Teens really do want to be spoken into, even if they … [Read more...]

Teenage Boy Fest

Well, I did it again – I filled my home with about a dozen teen boys for the better part of a weekend! Some of my friends think I’m a bit nuts when I choose to invite droves of teenagers over. They don’t quite get why I would choose to fill my home with all the noise, the eating, the shoving, the laughter, the dirt, the smells, the in and out. They ask, “Isn’t it just too much trouble?” is a bit of pain, but the rewards outweigh … [Read more...]

Oh No She Didn’t!

I have been called a lot of things in my life time...I can now add "gutwrenchingly controlling" to the list! And believe it or not, I am quite proud of that title! When my teen daughter gave it to me I winced at first, but then I decided it was a badge of honor. If you would like to get the full story join me over on FamilyMatters blog where I am guest posting! For fun, once you read the post leave a comment at FamilyMatters blog on what … [Read more...]

Substitute Teaching Success

  I have served as a substitute teacher for many years. Mainly because I like getting to know my children's peers and understanding their world. My enjoyment of substitute teaching ramped up once my kids became tweens/teens because pouring into the lives of kids that age can have long term ramifications. That happened today. A teen boy was being disobedient, not doing as instructed and he was choosing to be a royal pest to the … [Read more...]