Mom Talk…Talk…Talk!

Guilty. Sometimes in my efforts to "reach and teach" my children - I doth drone on far too lengthy. {british accent included} So much so that recently I heard about it from my sweet son ...My teen son and I had just gone to see a movie together and on the drive home, he suddenly giggled, shook his head and uttered, “Mom, you talk too much.” Ouch. Actually, double ouch because I distinctly remember my teen daughter saying the same thing … [Read more...]

Mom Gut Check

“In a minute” she shot out in frustration never taking her eyes off of the iphone as she texted rapid fire. In front of her stood a little girl, I watched the little face contort as she hesitated and thoughtfully pleaded at her mother, with her heart...she then gave a little shake of her head and went back to her skipping in place, then stooped down to pick up a stick. My walking in the park propelled me forward and the scene playing out … [Read more...]

Summer Teen Zombie Apocalypse Invasion

Not really, but when you write a post about teens it just seems the words Zombie Apocalypse should be in the title! (If you have teens you know I’m right.) “Ahh, that’s the best ever, thank you Mrs. Eyster!” was repeated about 15 times this morning...and again a few hours later. I learned years ago the truth that my wonderful friend Gina recently shared, about the importance of allowing your home to be a fun hang out for your children and … [Read more...]

Home School Mom Again!

When my son was in the fourth grade his father and I made the decision to bring him home from school to home school him. That was a great year for him and for me.  I used some curriculum, but I also created some of my own stuff for him, to better help him improve in areas where he had weaknesses. Being a home school mom also helped me improve in areas where I had weaknesses. Confession time – I can lack discipline. I always manage to get it … [Read more...]

Substitute Teaching Success

  I have served as a substitute teacher for many years. Mainly because I like getting to know my children's peers and understanding their world. My enjoyment of substitute teaching ramped up once my kids became tweens/teens because pouring into the lives of kids that age can have long term ramifications. That happened today. A teen boy was being disobedient, not doing as instructed and he was choosing to be a royal pest to the … [Read more...]

“I Got This Mom”

Seems like I have my hands in quite a few cookie jars this month, so my posts may be a bit hit or miss! If you didn't see my post last week on "Travel Tips With Children" where I heard those amazing words, "I got this Mom" I invite you to head over to MomLife Today and check it out! And hey if I write a bit less this month, who's to care! Let's face it, you don't have time to be sittin around reading posts anyway! It's CHRISTmas and you … [Read more...]

A Son’s Perspective on My MomLife Ministry

Every night at dinner my husband asks the question, "Tell me one thing about your day" and the conversation starts flowing. Each of my other family members had shared their one thing...and it was my turn. So, as I was going into an enthusiastically exciting sharing time about two meetings I had about MomLife Today and some exciting opportunities that are developing for 2011 my son raised his hand and started squirming in his seat. His … [Read more...]

Family Dinners A Good Thing?!

When I read the title of a post featured today on I thought...well, thank you Captian obvious...but maybe it's not so obvious to some?! This article title was "Meals Together Can Make A Family Happier" - again..."No, duh?"  And this article gives some great ideas on family meal time that are well worth taking a look go check it out! I do know lots of families are very busy and do not place having a nightly meal together too … [Read more...]

Miley…Seriously? Heavy Sigh.

OK - I avoided it for a month. Sort of how you avoid going to the dentist when you have a toothache...because you know it's gonna hurt. I am a Southern girl, raised with Southern values (and quirks) by parents who love me dearly. When the whole Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana craze started I liked the fact that she was sharing good old fashioned Southern values (and quirks) with the world. The show was light hearted, fun, and spoke some decent life … [Read more...]

Do You Like Who Your Teens Like?

When our children are young we sort of pick their friends. You know it's true - we plan play dates with the kids we want our children to hang out with, we put them into activities with the kids we like. It is comforting to know that your children are being influenced by the children you approve of. Then as they become tweens and teens, who they hang out with becomes less and less under your control. They have a mind of their own and they get … [Read more...]