Just Write A Post Already!

You must know that pretty much every day I write a post to place on my blog site here. The problem...I write it in my head while I am doing something else that needs my attention. Rest assured that once I get through MomLife Boot Camp (that’s coming up in April) the posts will pick up again. Between now and then it will be hit or miss...but thankfully there is no shortage of great content from many, many bloggers! You know you can … [Read more...]

Widows Voice

Are you weary today? I know you have had lots of “to do’s” - that is a given for any mom. Has it been a long week of caring for the needs of your family and the endless upkeep of your home? Did you have those MOMents were you just wanted to scream and run away? The frustration, the unending needs, the having so much to do that you didn’t have time to even take a breath. I met someone today...a mom, who is alone with her children. Her … [Read more...]