Teen To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo

I have had a few parents ask me my opinion on whether or not their child should get a tattoo. Of course I suggest seeking God’s desire, but I too know the value in gathering intel from other God seeking people when decision making - as God uses that to communicate with us too! “Mom and Dad, I want a tattoo” drifted out of the soft spoken lips of our then eighteen year old daughter who was a Senior in High School. Our first reaction was not … [Read more...]

Mom Lousy Day Turnaround Tip

As is my habit I spent time this morning praising my Father in Heaven. The beauty of modern technology...and spodify. As I lingered in melodic truth I became overwhelmed with gratitude of who God is, who my Savior is and how I am blessed to approach each day with hope because of my relationship with the great I Am. It is mind boggling really. This morning I was being led in worship by Matt Redman. We sang great truths together that … [Read more...]

Shaunti Feldhahn A Stuffer or an Exploder?

I recently sat down with Shaunti Feldhahn to ask her if she is a stuffer or an exploder and she gave me a GREAT tip to share with you moms on how to avoid over-reacting with your kids! FYI - Shaunti just re-released her million seller book...go check it out!   For more tips on how to handle "anger management" go visit Moms March Madness! … [Read more...]

One Word

For the past few years I have been choosing "one word365" or  "my one word" to focus on each year - if you didn't know this is a running trend. My amazing friend Melanie over at Only A Breath made me (and will make you) a button if you would like to choose your "one word" as well! I must say the interesting thing in this process has been how God will provide the word if you are prayerful... and quiet long enough to hear it. And interestingly … [Read more...]

Driving At Age Ten! What?

I am absolutely at a loss for words {well, not really-since I am writing about it} that parents would allow their ten year old to drive! Has the world gone mad? I still cannot quite figure out how it happened. I mean heck, they can barely see over the steering wheel. I think some of them have got to be using booster seats while driving. They look so grown up sitting behind that wheel. It is so cute! Their parents are so proud too, taking … [Read more...]

Mom Disappears!?

I want to disappear. Do you have days like that? Oh how glorious it would be if the skies would part and Jesus would appear and then I could disappear. The constant praise of Him could begin. I find myself longing for that more and more. Is that promise of being reunited with my Savior the source of the longing in my heart on this day (and several others) to disappear? I have spent the last three weeks caring for my husband as he … [Read more...]

Tween Help

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with an amazing mother daughter team who is burdened to help moms know how to speak into the lives of their tweens. In this digital age you better believe the culture is coming after your tweens, marketers are spending some $43 billion to influence your tween. As a result the definition of a tween is getting younger and younger. A phenomenon known as "age compression" is occurring whereby what used … [Read more...]

Safely Ignored

Alone in a crowd. Have you been there? I go there. Far too often. The bashful ten year old girl. She is still such a part of me. Quiet observation is so much easier. Safely hidden. Less messy. Eyes lifted. Disobedient. Silent whisper. Salt and light requires bravery. Holy boldness. No spirit of fear. Power. Love. Self-control. He taught us to reach out in love. It’s not about me. Or my … [Read more...]