Reader Comment = Tears

I am weeping...God truly can use the unqualified for His purposes! Jacki shared this with me tonight... Tracy, I’m typing this with one hand as I nurse my fourth child who is four weeks old. The others are 6, 4, and 2. So needless to say, when the focus on the family broadcast came on the other night (while I was bouncing a gassy baby and chanting “this too shall pass! This too shall pass!”) I got teary eyed as I heard you describe that … [Read more...]

From Ugly To Holy

I was fuming. Smoke emitting from my ears. Teeth clinched. Eyes narrowed. I have confessed that I can be “ugly” – well, ugly was rearing its...ugly head. (There’s no better way to say that.) Allow me to assure you that if I were a two year old I would have stomped through the family room, thrown myself on the floor and had myself a little on the spot hissy fit. And no, I am not talking about something that occurred “recently” I am … [Read more...]

Dizzy Kids A Real Danger

Are your kids a bit too dizzy? It happens you know. At least, it happens to my kids! When the world begins to revolve around them and their wants and needs being met. All that world spinning leads to dizzy, which leads to a real danger for your kids – and every person who will be a part of their lives, like...forever. I get it. I have done it. I know all the reasons. It’s easier to keep the peace if you just give them … [Read more...]

How To Promote Your Book?

Notice that was a question mark in the title! Hey you, book writer – now go out and tell people about your book because that will be so easy for you to do. Not. It’s weird. Really weird. There’s the writing the book – then there’s the promoting the book. The “oh my gosh, what if I say something stupid while I’m talking” promoting of the book. First of all, I grew up painfully bashful. Being in front of others would literally … [Read more...]

Moms College Journey

One year ago I began a new and scary journey as I faced the effect college life was about to have on me. Not because I was going to college, but because my first baby Samara was leaving our home and venturing out on her own. For her, the past year has been filled with new friends, new experiences, new adventures, travel and a fuller appreciation for learning. She has had her ups and downs, but more than anything she has … [Read more...]

Happily Inadequate

I admit it – I am woefully inadequate. Frequently. Oh how that used to bother me. A lot. That is what is so very interesting about the work of the Holy Spirit and time spent reading God’s word. The more I read the Bible, the more I realize how far, far away my life is from the life of Christ. I mean really, at every turn He willingly, with grace, put others before Himself and took time, lots of time, to love others – no matter … [Read more...]

Interviewing A Model

I really enjoy interviewing people for MomLife Today because being able to share what others are doing to glorify God, that in process speaks into the lives of moms, makes me silly happy! Confession time...knowing that I was interviewing an International model made me feel silly my former awkward pre-teen self. No pressure there...sitting on camera opposite a woman who has been on magazine covers. Gee thanks. I chose, yes … [Read more...]

Boys, Moms & Messy gotta love em - cause they keep you on your toes! They also keep you in your laundry room and kitchen! Especially the kitchen because giving them good grub keeps them coming back to your home. Which trust me, is a good thing. I learned from a mom older and wiser than me years ago that if I wanted to know where my son was and what he was doing I best make my home a welcome place for him and his friends. Great advice, that I heeded … [Read more...]

Thank You Much

I am overwhelmed with gratitude to each of you who have voted for my book cover choices for Be The Mom! How amazing it is to me that so many would take the time to vote and share your thoughts with me! What I can tell you at this point is that the publishers are going back to the drawing board to come up with a combination of the two covers! The editors and marketers were so gracious to hear my thoughts based on all your votes and comments … [Read more...]