Broken Boy Hope

(Friends, I wrote this post over CHRISTmas, but because I had made the choice not to blog over the break it has been sitting in my computer...but I feel compelled to share it as I feel someone needs the assurance of the encouragement it provides. And I really want to know the answer to the question I pose at the end!) I am sitting in a hospital recovery room, eyes affixed on my sixteen year old son who is recovering from surgery. I sit here … [Read more...]

Mom Fail, That Involves Smoke & Firetrucks

It seemed like a reasonable idea at the time. My husband, children and I were visiting friends out of state to attend a wedding.  The day of the wedding we were up and running – well, most of us were.  Hubby and daughter had left to go to the store, but my son was still asleep. My friend’s husband was out and about and she and I wanted to go take a walk. My then nine year old son was asleep and we had discussed the night before that if he woke … [Read more...]

Face-Plant Teaches Life Lesson

I have been told pain has memory - physical pain and emotional pain. As I have wrestled with the unexpected "bobbles" and "wrecks" while working towards a dream, I recently found myself propelled back in time to a memory of a wreck that is seared into my brain. Suddenly the world was upside down and I found myself launched head over heals, soaring over the handlebars of my bike. Confused and broken hearted as my dream was literally crashing … [Read more...]