How To Help Kids Remember!

There are so many things we as moms want to do to help our children thrive in life! I do realize that trying to do them all can make every stinkin one of us go crazy because there simply are not enough hours in the day! So, right now, let me absolve you of all the "Oh my goodness I cannot do it all!" guilt running through your head. Because you know what? You are right you CANNOT do it all. So, you just have to decide what is right for you … [Read more...]

Pushing Jesus Out Of The Way

Don't let the ordinary seem so important that it pushes Jesus out of the way. That’ll make you stop and think, huh? That is what greets me daily from the front of my refrigerator. I heard that phrase about a dozen years ago, put it on a piece of paper and have attempted to hold it in my heart daily since then. That tattered piece of paper has been moved from fridge to fridge as we’ve traveled across three states. Obviously this is a life … [Read more...]