Wordless Fall

There are days, and even sometimes weeks, where the word well runs dry. Anyone who writes knows this parched-ness and most of us fear it. For me, I sort of embrace it and recognize that during the times of dryness I am more involved in the real world and choose not to pull away. If you are a writer you know what I mean. Sometimes the pull to bury my head in words is so strong that I can be neglectful of the other joy giving things in my … [Read more...]

I Vacuum At Writing

Because we don't use the "s" word for that in my home - though I did come dangerously close to using it anyway just now. Woe is me. I am fighting through the first edits on my book and I would like to scream and yell - lucky you, you get to read it. Pity party. In my pit. With Big O puddles. Splash.  Splash. It truly is maddening - I am screaming at the page.  But it's screaming back. I could be doing so many other things … [Read more...]