Thread Bare Bedroom Slippers…Mean What?

Avoidance maximus. It is really rather pathetic of me. I have finally embraced the truth that God has created me to be a writer, yet many days I avoid the keyboard. It’s as if the potential for failure to effectively communicate is so great that it is easier to just not go there. The voices in my head shouting “who would want to read what you write anyway” are so very loud. The reality that most of what I read remains safely tucked away in … [Read more...]

Book Reality

How does one react when a dream becomes a reality? I got a call from Tyndale - my books are in! One of the wonderful new friends I have made at Tyndale actually snapped a photo of my book and e-mailed it to me. How cool is that? I leave tomorrow for Focus on the Family to do a radio interview. I have several meetings while there as well. I have had telephone calls with p.r. people and marketing people and it all just seems so … [Read more...]


As I sat down to write I was struck by the fact that I didn't quite know where to begin. Suffice it to say I have had quite the twenty four hours. Yesterday I was on a one hour conference call with some amazingly gifted and Godly folks who believe, really believe in the book I have written and want to work with me to get it into the hands of moms. Wow. My daughter, who got home from college on Monday left again yesterday to head to … [Read more...]

Sufficient Courage

Last week I wrote a post sharing the fact that I am sometimes unable to do or say what God is asking me to do and oddly this used to not be an issue for me.  But I have been plagued by this desire to hide, rather than allow my light to shine. I am consistently finding myself paralyzed by fear and though intellectually and spiritually I know that is a wrong attitude...I still seem to go there. Yesterday God through a brick at me. In the form … [Read more...]

Multi-Generational Mom Gathering

Last week I was scurrying around trying to wrangle a large group and keep them engaged and was hard work, but well worth it when I saw how much fun they were having and how well they were connecting. Nope, it was not a group of was a group of moms! Amazingly, even though MomLife Today was founded in 2008 this was the first time we had all gathered together to meet and dream about our individual ministries and the … [Read more...]

Rest, Relaxation and Roaring To Go time away from social media was glorious. Which may seem just wrong from someone entrenched in social media. But it's not. It is honesty from one who is determined not to be ruled by it or dependent upon it for my self worth. There are a few changes on the horizon and some amazing relationships God is growing. I am delightedly grateful for whatever 2012 holds and looking to the One who guides my steps for EVERY baby step … [Read more...]

Words of Wonder

To my writing friends out you ever go back and read something you have written and wonder, "Did I really write that?" It seems to happen to me more and more. Maybe it is because I am becoming flighty - but I do believe it is something more than that. It reminds me of my I can get so lost in times of prayer that I wander to what the Holy Spirit wants me to pray and stray from my agenda. That's sweetness. That same … [Read more...]

Thank You Much

I am overwhelmed with gratitude to each of you who have voted for my book cover choices for Be The Mom! How amazing it is to me that so many would take the time to vote and share your thoughts with me! What I can tell you at this point is that the publishers are going back to the drawing board to come up with a combination of the two covers! The editors and marketers were so gracious to hear my thoughts based on all your votes and comments … [Read more...]