Wordless Fall

There are days, and even sometimes weeks, where the word well runs dry. Anyone who writes knows this parched-ness and most of us fear it. For me, I sort of embrace it and recognize that during the times of dryness I am more involved in the real world and choose not to pull away. If you are a writer you know what I mean. Sometimes the pull to bury my head in words is so strong that I can be neglectful of the other joy giving things in my … [Read more...]

Six Word Challenge

This morning as I was turning the page in my Bible I zeroed in on six words and sat staring at the page. My mind filled with thoughts from my past...and my present. I became somewhat mesmerized as I contemplated what I was peering down at. I have long been amazed at how my Heavenly Father speaks to me and reveals Himself through His word. There are passages that I have been known to camp out on for quite some time as it seems a nuance is … [Read more...]

Meeting Steven Curtis Chapman

If you have not yet heard the CD Beauty Will Rise, by Steven Curtis Chapman, I suggest you go right out and get yourself one.I just spent this past weekend with Stephen Curtis Chapman, his wife Mary Beth, and several other people who believe in what they are doing through their showHOPE ministry. If you didn't catch the Orphan Sunday event on November 8th, I encourage you to go watch it now.I met Mary Beth first. As she bounded over smiling, it … [Read more...]