I’m back!!!

And I am grateful for every amazing moment I have spent with the Lord and my family since January!  Obedience is a wonderful thing, I stepped away because God indicated I should and though I was not sure for how long when I did step away, I am sure that now is the time to start sharing life again! We have some MAJOR changes going on in our personal lives and in my mom ministry life as well.  My youngest is graduating from High School in May, … [Read more...]

Be The Mom E-Book Sale!

  Wow - this is way cool! I was just informed that Focus on the Family is selling the ebook version of Be The Mom for only $1.99 if you order through their site! Just go to Be The Mom Sale and type in the code 406925 at check out! Just last night I received yet another email from a mom who said Be The Mom is making a "real" difference in her daily momlife! God is able...that's for sure! I continue to be in awe over what God is … [Read more...]

I Have A “Me” Problem

Do you find it relatively easy to notice someone else’s “issues” in life? Even if you are kind enough and wise enough to keep your trap shut...do you sometimes notice those things that hold others captive? You know, “Tsk, tsk, sweet little Samantha couldn’t stop talking about others if her life depended on it. Why can’t she just stop the gossip?” Or, “Oh my look at the shopping bags in her hand when is Sandra going to stop burying her troubles … [Read more...]

Thread Bare Bedroom Slippers…Mean What?

Avoidance maximus. It is really rather pathetic of me. I have finally embraced the truth that God has created me to be a writer, yet many days I avoid the keyboard. It’s as if the potential for failure to effectively communicate is so great that it is easier to just not go there. The voices in my head shouting “who would want to read what you write anyway” are so very loud. The reality that most of what I read remains safely tucked away in … [Read more...]

How To Promote Your Book?

Notice that was a question mark in the title! Hey you, book writer – now go out and tell people about your book because that will be so easy for you to do. Not. It’s weird. Really weird. There’s the writing the book – then there’s the promoting the book. The “oh my gosh, what if I say something stupid while I’m talking” promoting of the book. First of all, I grew up painfully bashful. Being in front of others would literally … [Read more...]

A Writer’s Anguish

It’s on the tip of my thoughts Yet so illusive Restless wanderings In search of the starting gate   The battle ... my prideful thoughts or His words of enlightenment Leaves me paralyzed Staring at the white abyss   What letters to form How to begin the structure Of spirit breathed prose Tantalizing torment   Avoidance must cease Beat back uncertainty Do not linger Simply … [Read more...]

Words of Wonder

To my writing friends out there...do you ever go back and read something you have written and wonder, "Did I really write that?" It seems to happen to me more and more. Maybe it is because I am becoming flighty - but I do believe it is something more than that. It reminds me of my prayers...how I can get so lost in times of prayer that I wander to what the Holy Spirit wants me to pray and stray from my agenda. That's sweetness. That same … [Read more...]

Book Title Decided

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I always knew the working title I had for my book would not remain the title as it didn't really reveal what the book was truly about. Well - Tyndale and Focus on the Family who are working together on my book project have agreed to the Title I suggested...with a bit of an add on in their subtitle. Drum roll please... The title of my book to be released in August of 2012 is... Be The Mom Subtitle: … [Read more...]

I Vacuum At Writing

Because we don't use the "s" word for that in my home - though I did come dangerously close to using it anyway just now. Woe is me. I am fighting through the first edits on my book and I would like to scream and yell - lucky you, you get to read it. Pity party. In my pit. With Big O puddles. Splash.  Splash. It truly is maddening - I am screaming at the page.  But it's screaming back. I could be doing so many other things … [Read more...]

Biggest Fan- Ted Dekker

So...I just got back from the Ragged Edge writers conference with none other than THE Ted Dekker as well as Tosca Lee, Eric Wilson, Robert Liparulo and Steven James. The time with these writers was invaluable as it wasn't your typical writers conference...it was more like being at a dinner party with the aforementioned and the entire dinner party was all about encouraging me to do what God designed me to do. The thing is ... there were dozens … [Read more...]