I Am A Blue Monkey

At this weekend's Ragged Edge Conference Ted Dekker explained to some 100 conference attendees that those of us born to write are artists who see the world through a different lens. And that God created us that way.  He referred to us as Blue Monkey's in a Brown Monkey world. I so resonated with all the wisdom and advice he and the other award winning authors in attendance shared. And I recognized that at times I have compromised and tried to … [Read more...]

Ted Dekker…Here I Come

Busting with excitement here! Tomorrow I am heading to The Ragged Edge Writers' Symposium with Ted Dekker! Oh heck yes I am! This is supposed to be an intensive that will leave us dripping and oozing with ideas, techniques and writing oh-rah excitement x 1,000!!! I can hardly contain myself. My daughter has her final goodbye plans with her High School friends while I'm away so she's getting that out of her system so we can spend all … [Read more...]

American Christian Writer

Today I was blessed with the opportunity to share my "Why I blog...and why I think you should blog!" story with the local chapter of American Christian Writers.  Once again I was struck by the goodness of God and His ability to use "regular" people, like me, to talk into the lives of others and encourage.  As I shared my story of why I am involved with social media and why I feel it is such a great mission field for other Christian writers I … [Read more...]

Family Matters Blog guest

I am thankful for the opportunity Family Matters blog has given me to be a guest post writer for their new blog! I have been familiar with Tim and Darcy Kimmel for about five years and when I read the books Grace Based Parenting and Raising Kids for True Greatness...I became somewhat obnoxious with everyone I knew demanding that they read the books as well! When they held a conference in the town where I lived I convinced...er, uh, invited … [Read more...]

Book or Blog?

I like books. Always have. Old books. New books. Non-fiction books. Fiction books. I like libraries. Looking at books. Touching books. Skimming books. Reading books. I like stories. Immersion into character. Plot lines. Twists. Page turners. I like real life. Reading about others. Being inspired. Feeling challenged. Books are filled with words. Well thought out words. Edited words. Re-edited words. Re-re-edited words. I will … [Read more...]