TLEsillypicHey there!  Take a deep breath, exhale and savor this inescapable truth…you are loved by the God in heaven who created you to be the amazing, unique, one of a kind woman that YOU are and He has chosen you to be the mom to your children!  What a gynormous privilege!

If there is one thing I am passionate about it is what it means to be the mom and though I do not have it all figured out – I know the One who does.  I have spent two decades being a mom, hanging out with moms and studying God’s word to see how it applies to motherhood!   Here’s what I know…there are no perfect moms, but you are the perfect mom for the children God has entrusted to you!  And daggum being a mom can be hard, but if we can live each day with intentionality and joy – momlife can be whole lot of fun!  And hey – we all have a beautiful mess in our homes and God has purpose in that too!

If you hang out with me you will not be told what to “do” to be a better mom, you will be freed up to “be” the mom God designed you to be, each day – because every moment counts!  Be intentional.  Be relational.  Be selfless.  Be the mom!

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